Unemployment data: The (job) search is over

It’s vital to separate economic statistics from political biases and motives when seeking facts that can affect someone’s career, investments, business operations, etc. In the United States, we often wonder how we are doing from an economic health standpoint. As we...

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The five biggest investment risks for 2017

According to this Morgan Stanley investors survey, there are five top risks for investing in 2017: Break up of the European Union A U.S. recession A hard fall by China Terrorism A war with Russia If you surveyed Vincent Asset Management’s clients, you would likely...

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Tips for near-retirees: Steer clear of the dinosaurs!

Articles such as Steve Vernon’s CBS News piece amuse me. These “experts” nail what near-retirees should be doing, then come up with archaic suggestions on how to get there. Please don’t fact check me on this, but I’m pretty sure Adam and Eve were pitched mutual funds...

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Investment: Trump wins, markets rise

Now that the election is over, and your emotions over an unprecedented campaign have subsided, it is time to turn your attention back to your retirement savings and investment goals. Remember before the election, when every financial “expert” and anyone on a soapbox...

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What happened when ABC-TV asked us to talk about retirement

We were honored when KSTP channel 5, the Twin Cities’ ABC-TV affiliate, asked Ryan Litfin to drop by the studio to talk about saving for retirement. His interview with news anchor Brandi Powell gave him an opportunity to stress that there’s no better time than now to...

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Buy and Hold: Is it dangerous?

“Buy and Hold” is a popular statement in the investment world. This means holding an investment for a long time and not worrying about what is going on now because investments typically go up. Most of us realize that such blanket statements can be dangerous. This one...

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Asset location is as important as asset allocation

20Are there really seven secrets every rich person knows? I can’t tell you how excited I was to read Cameron Huddleston’s article on Go Banking Rates’ website based on the headline! But as with most headlines, I was sorely disappointed with the actual article. It’s...

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Financial Planning for the New Year

December 18, 2016 08:49 AM We are pleased to have been asked to the channel 5 studios to present "Financial Planning tips for the new year" See the live segment here With the new year fast approaching, it’s a good time to think about your finances – specifically,...

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Past performance is not indicative of future results

Financial professionals of any form or fashion are required to use the phrase, “Past performance is not indicative of future results” when speaking of an investment’s history. Investors’ eyes seem to glaze over upon hearing this. They seem to brush off the statement...

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