Financial Fortitude Radio gives back locally and globally

The Financial Fortitude Radio Network is at it again. Last month, the co-hosts of the award-winning economics-based radio show, Dale Creed Francis and Ryan Litfin, along with their staff members, closed the office for half a day and headed to the nearest Feed My Starving Children location. They put together more than 6,000 meals and packed boxes for children in Haiti.

Due to the Financial Fortitude radio show’s popularity and the recent demand to learn more about Preventative Wealth Care, show sponsors are stepping up the amount of live speaking engagements for Ryan and Dale. But these are not your typical events. The new approach enables them to give back in a two-for-one format. Ryan and Dale are educating folks around the community about current economic times, things to look for and, most importantly, the significance of utilizing Preventative Wealth Care. It’s gotten to where these reservations-only speaking events have waiting lists!

But that’s not all. The Financial Fortitude sponsors are now hosting these events at the Lost Spur Country Club in Eagan, MN. This is significant because the Lost Spur Country Club is the headquarters for the Osman Shriners, who also own the club. The Osman Shriners are major players in the philanthropy community. Therefore, Ryan and Dale know the funds provided to the Lost Spur will be used by the Shriners to reinvest in the community. The last couple events went off without a hitch, and both the Financial Fortitude Radio Network and the Lost Spur Country Club are ecstatic with their relationship.

Fun fact: The Osman Shriners are also part of the larger fraternity known as Freemasonry. Freemasons’ roots date back nearly 400 years to the Stone Mason Guilds of England and Europe. Some attribute the history to the Knights Templar. It has become the most visibly recognized branch of Freemasonry because of the distinctive Fez headgear.

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