The five biggest investment risks for 2017

According to this Morgan Stanley investors survey, there are five top risks for investing in 2017:

  • Break up of the European Union
  • A U.S. recession
  • A hard fall by China
  • Terrorism
  • A war with Russia

If you surveyed Vincent Asset Management’s clients, you would likely find none of these even mentioned. Why? Because a true Preventative Wealth Care plan can provide peace of mind when investing. This can also help you sleep at night!

As creators of Preventative Wealth Care, we utilize investment tools to mitigate the risk in your portfolio. If you are truly worried about any of these things affecting your investment portfolio, you are too heavily invested in correlated markets. That’s where things such as these can potentially wipe out your savings.

Come into the 21st century, where we can help you with principal protection while also maintaining the opportunity to capture the gains.

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