Investment: Trump wins, markets rise

Now that the election is over, and your emotions over an unprecedented campaign have subsided, it is time to turn your attention back to your retirement savings and investment goals. Remember before the election, when every financial “expert” and anyone on a soapbox predicted doom and gloom for the markets if Donald Trump was victorious? Well, as Mark Miller explains in his Time Magazine article, the opposite has been true since Trump captured the presidency.

Why do you suppose that is possible? How can so many pundits be wrong? While bias definitely plays a role, the common denominator in all of these experts is that they are invested in, and talk their clients into investing in, a market in which they continue to have no idea what is going to happen. I’ll take it a step further. If all of these experts were wrong about the market predictions they made, isn’t it possible they are wrong about all of the investments they are making as well?

What I love most about Miller’s article is the last paragraph: “The bottom line? The climate for retirement investing and retiree (sic) may be about to change, but do not let your politics – or emotions – drive you away from the fundamentals. Saving regularly and staying diversified with a balanced allocation are the key elements for success. The rest is noise.”

If there was an investment vehicle option that wasn’t directly tied to the markets’ direction, captured all the gains through volatility and mitigated the losses through principal protection, would you call that perfection? As one of the creators of Preventative Wealth Care, let me be the first to tell you that it’s out there. What if all those emotions you felt about the election, and your investments during and after that time, melted away because you had nothing to worry about with your portfolio? If you were following your custom Preventative Wealth Care plan, you could focus instead on the things that matter most. Miller’s article was right. The climate for investing is changing, and it’s called Preventative Wealth Care. The rest of the investment advice out there is merely noise.

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