Preventative Wealth Care®

Prevent problems, rather than treat them

What is Preventative Wealth Care® ?

It potentially equips investors and financial professionals with a compelling advantage.

It is a philosophy based on the same premise as preventative health care, whereas it’s better to prevent problems rather than treat them. As the creators of Preventative Wealth Care®, we believe successful investing and ultimately a rewarding and stress-free retirement, can be the result of Preventative Wealth Care®. Much like preventative health care, it’s just as wise to prevent or avoid financial problems before they occur. Being proactive versus reactive can be key to maintaining your financial health. Preventing the problems rather than treating the symptoms is the primary focus of Preventative Wealth Care®

Equally important is a forensic approach to risk management, through a focus on non-correlated portfolio construction and exposure to proper asset classes, sectors, and markets. PWC is a simple and painless 3-step process for investors to personally Assess, Address, and Implement a clear and purposeful wealth care plan of their own with the goal to enjoy gains when they occur and enjoy sleep when they don’t. Not learning about PWC could be “Hazardous to your wealth”. A key piece of the Addressing step is knowing exactly what you currently have for investment and retirement vehicles. 

The Benjamin Franklin axiom that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” is as true today as when he made the quote. Although many people use the quote when referring to health care, we have appropriately applied it to wealth care.