Tips for near-retirees: Steer clear of the dinosaurs!

Articles such as Steve Vernon’s CBS News piece amuse me. These “experts” nail what near-retirees should be doing, then come up with archaic suggestions on how to get there.

Please don’t fact check me on this, but I’m pretty sure Adam and Eve were pitched mutual funds and annuities for their retirement by a snake. Apparently, these dinosaurs weren’t wiped out by a meteor. Who knew? They are alive and well in the majority of the investments pitched to you these days. Everybody out there is saying the same things, so let Vincent Asset Management (VAM) be a voice of reason in an otherwise drab investment world.

As the creators of Preventative Wealth Care, VAM has investment strategies that could help you navigate retirement while growing and protecting your principal. While you should address Vernon’s tips for nearing retirement, your goals become unattainable if you don’t have the right tools to reach them.

Do you want to enjoy your retirement, or constantly be worried that your money is a slave to the ebbs and flows of market whims? If you are nearing retirement, are retired or want to retire someday, a Preventative Wealth Care plan is where you need to start. Otherwise, you might be working well into your golden years.

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